Audio/visual solutions for every room and every organisation

Giving you the opportunity to share information attractively and professionally through imagery and sound. Whether this takes place in conference rooms, presentation rooms or boardrooms, or via video conference systems and digital signage (narrowcasting), the Audio Visual team at HAS Integration can assist you with all your needs.

As an AV & ICT market leader, we fit out a large number of rooms per year with audiovisual equipment, which we combine with intelligent operating systems, reservation systems, bespoke furniture, etc. You can even leave the design and configuration of your rooms in our capable hands. Learn more about some of our previous projects in the Case Study section.

Put your trust in HAS Integration for advice, implementation and maintenance of the products and services below. We offer these products and services both as stand-alone items or as a fully integrated element of a total solution package where the visual display, the sound system and the environment are matched to each other for optimum results.


Impress with the right image display

A picture is worth a 1000 words. A cliché that is still true today. This highlights the importance of effective image display that is clearly visible and well focused regardless of the viewing angle and conditions. HAS  Integration supplies a range of display tools that satisfy varied application requirements in a number of markets and industries. We are happy to advise you on the most effective display tools for your situation.


Good sound in your conference rooms, auditoriums, etc.

Audibility. A necessity when reproducing speech and music. Optimum audibility increases the power and effect of all presentations, meetings and introductions. In fact, poor audibility can dilute your message. Good equipment and the right infrastructure for reproducing speech and music in a way that can be heard clearly and understandably by everybody is an indispensable requirement. HAS Integration has the solutions you need. Both for obvious applications like meeting and presentation rooms, but also for digital signage (narrow-casting) and video communication. We also offer excellent solutions for sound reproduction during events, seminars etc.



Combination of control system and cable management

HAS Integration offers various solutions in its range where a single integrated module allows you to operate your equipment and connect PC or laptop cables (if required). These cable management and control systems are often mounted in a tabletop, lectern or other flat surface and are available in a handsome matt-black casing or in a stylish, brushed aluminium finish. The fully configured control system with touch panel lets you operate one or more projectors or LCD/LED screens, as well as control and manage rooms that can be linked together, video conferencing units and multi-image systems.

There are always ways of making life easier. Particularly when it comes to operating and managing the systems and solutions integrated in your organisation. HAS Integration delivers advanced systems that enable you to operate and monitor all the equipment in your presentation, information and communication rooms. You can generate an overview of audiovisual equipment status at each location within your building in just seconds. You can also switch your choice of equipment on and off whenever you want, simply and without delays.