Boardroom design


Maximise Impact

We consider it essential to ensure that your boardroom is as fully functional as it is effective - and as impactful as it is compelling. 

Astounding Results, Minimal Fuss

We work with you from the ground up, making it easy for you to share your thoughts, expectations and requirements with our experts, so that we can tailor a design strategy that will maximise your results.

From the offset, our team will be on hand to understand you, your needs and your ambitions for your boardroom.

If you want something as simple as a projector and automatic lighting, you can consider it done. If you’d like a few more features to minimise your workload during your presentation then we can help with that, too.

fully connected

Imagine a fully connected boardroom, complete with integrated audio, visual and lighting facilities that look after themselves. Then throw in a diverse control panel, a variety of stimulating resources to keep your audience engaged and a range of extra features to ensure that you get your point across.

We take care of everything

From the initial design (where our team will evaluate your needs and develop a plan of action), through to the implementation of state of the art hardware and devices.

We can help with lighting design to make sure that your focal points are the centre of attention, we can connect your audio and visual equipment, we can take care of the installations and we can even help you with your content to ensure that your efforts are as compelling and persuasive as possible.