Customer Interaction Centre



Boston Scientific Galway R&D department engaged with HAS Integration to design a suitable AV system that would enable room the room users to demonstrate products to internal staff & physicians. 


An important factor was to overcome the issue of cable management from the camera and keep the work space cable free.

It was required that picture in picture was provided for, allowing for two cameras to be displayed on the wall monitor at the same time. 

A recording system was needed so that any procedure could be easily recorded. 


HAS Integration designed a system where the cameras could be mounted from a custom Mavig ceiling track system. The Mavig ceiling system contained two camera arms and a mount arm with dual 22" Samsung monitors to show was the cameras were seeing. 

We worked with the R&D team to provide specialist "Pacific" cameras and various lenses to meet different demonstration requirements.

As part of the design we included a HDMI matrix switcher so any HDMI input i.e. camera or a laptop, could be displayed on any of the three monitors. The matrix provides a 'record out' function so the users can connect a Black Magic handheld 'video assist' recorder. A room control system was installed to make the system easy to operate. 

Design 2D/3D


final result