Boston Scientific - Corporate Event



Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our activities, our techniques and what we did to ensure optimum results on behalf of our client.


Layout Design

During this phase, we evaluated the space available within this particular room, which was actually large enough to comfortably seat over 300 guests. Our designers then sat down and drew out the layout of the room detailing the location of all AV equipment needed for this event. This would both help our Engineers when they arrived on site while also ensuring the event was set up properly from the outset. 

It was decided to install staging which was a great way to raise the height of the speakers, allowing them to address the entirety of the audience without being lost and overlooked.

By utilising a soft blue set of drapes, we were able to ensure that the audience’s attention was where it needed to be, instead of drifting elsewhere.

Equipment Supply

Next up, we collated our measurements and initial notes to ensure that we were able to source the highest quality equipment and resources. 

Installation/ Commission

Once we had our resources available, we began installing them to maximise their effect, whilst minimising fuss. For the central screens we decided to use state of art 75” monitors and HD projection screens which were large enough to cater to particular seating arrangements. In order to ensure that every word of the presentation was heard, we installed and connected 6 high quality speakers throughout the room and two speakers located at the front of the stage. To ensure that the presenters were able to portray their message whilst staying on track, we installed dual preview monitors that allowed them to cover the relevant topics, whilst controlling preceding topics thanks to the slide advance features.

Consistent Event Operation

To be sure that the event went off without a hitch we installed a fully functional control panel to govern all content, media, voice and visuals from the comfort of a neatly situated desk at the side of the room. Our dedicated experts stayed on scene to perform minor maintenance and keep things running smoothly.

Content Management

We were also on hand to assist with content management, including the information that popped up on screen, as well as its duration and frequency.


With the successful project brought to its end our team then set about winding down our equipment and facilities, leaving our clients thrilled with the results.