Conference call solutions for the business market

HAS Integration offers multiple conference call solutions for the business market. From small meeting rooms of four persons to meeting rooms up to 20 persons. What all HAS Integration conference call solutions have in common is that they offer crystal clear sound. Due to excellent microphone technology (360-degree audio pick-up) and advanced audio processing it feels as if your callers are in the same room.

analogue and voice over IP (VOIP) conference call solutions

HAS Integration offers both analogue and digital conference call solutions. Together with you, our advisers will look at the options within your room and organisation and then align the right system accordingly. Whether you choose an analogue or a digital system, a conference call phone from HAS Integration is a fixed value in your meeting room.

Expanding your conference call phone

Is your meeting room larger or is the layout such that the sound of your conference call does not reach far enough, then it is possible to expand your conference call system with an external speaker and possibly additional microphones. Even if you want to hold a conference call with more than twenty persons in your meeting room, expansion of the system is recommended to ensure the best quality for all participants. HAS Integration will gladly advise you about which configuration is the most appropriate for your room.

Evoko Minto takes your conference calls to the next level

Are you looking for an audio conference system that is affordable, flexible, of good quality and also looks great?

Then Evoko Minto could be for you. This innovative device has four microphones with automatic speech recognition that filters echoes for a more pleasant conversation. Due to the excellent quality, wonderful design and ease of use, the Minto won the Interior Innovation Award and was awarded Best Corporate Product 2015.

Polycom - from desktop phone to Collaboration hub

Polycom offers several business phones. From basic IP phones for work, or conference phones with MS Skype for Business integration to an advanced Collaboration hub. Polycom phones offer high quality sound in a user-friendly product.

Clear conversations with Jabra headsets

The Jabra headsets and speakerphones work perfectly with all major collaboration platforms. Whether it involves a conference phone for your meeting room, a headset connected to your smartphone for a flexible work-space or excellent headsets for your contact centre, the professional products from Jabra will improve the productivity and overall satisfaction of your employees.

Meeting's with images

In addition to conference call solutions, HAS Integration also provides comprehensive videoconferencing solutions. From equipment and infrastructure to interior design with suitable furnishings and maintenance.