User friendly software

HAS Integration uses the most advanced digital signage software available. The advantage of this is that the system perfectly matches the needs of users and it is extremely suited to displaying all types of files imaginable and can be linked to any type of information system and database. It is very simple to direct your own digital signage campaign using this software. 

This software is extremely user-friendly and offers many benefits:

  • Highly user-friendly
  • Windows look & feel
  • Intuitive to use
  • All data, video and audio formats
  • RSS, HTML, Flash, PPT, AVI, MPEG, JPEG, etc.
  • Easy to link to all types of databases
  • Saves time and money

Streamline your communication 

To further increase the ease and flexibility of distributing information, you can also manage and distribute content via the internet. The only thing you require is a Windows PC with an internet connection.


  • Platform independent
  • Security and network management are simpler
  • No installation on workstations
  • Users become independent of their location


HAS Integration ensures that every kind of information can be displayed on every kind of image carrier, both indoors and outdoors. Think here about LCD displays, tablet PCs, desktop monitors and smart phones, but also outdoor locations such as transparent LCD displays, display boards, digital panels in street furniture and video-walls. Has Group will be pleased to advise you about which image carriers are most suited to your situation and seamlessly incorporate these into your digital signage (narrow-casting) solution.


In addition to displaying images, our solutions are also suitable for reproducing audio. Think here about speech (e.g. voice-overs) and music. The possibilities are unlimited. For instance, you can connect your audio to motion sensors and so-called sound showers: these are special speakers which only allow the sound signal to be heard in certain places. They are ideal in rooms where multiple sound ambiences or languages are desirable, but where a peaceful environment must be maintained, such as in museums, at exhibitions, in showrooms and shopping centres.