The right result at key moments

HAS Integration specialises in organising and facilitating both small and large business events and meetings, with expert knowledge of what is involved in running an event smoothly. 

Need audio visual for your event or meeting? HAS Integration can provide you with all the latest technology.  We provide the cutting edge technology and professional AV equipment ensuring that your event looks and sounds great from beginning to end.

Not only do we provide industry leading audio visual systems and equipment, but our audio visual consultants and engineers will also assist you with designing your event, set up and pack-down, rehearsal and complete operation of the equipment throughout the event.

Impress your audience and guests with audio visual rental equipment and audio visual production services that are the industry benchmark.



Why Partner with us for your event?

When you choose HAS Integration for corporate audio visual and IT hire, you’ll benefit from more than just our audio visual equipment rental service – you’ll receive expert advice from our experienced consultants. We will handle everything you need, from the sound system, visual aids and screens, lights through to audio visual production services. We offer the best audio visual rental equipment available as well as expert technicians who ensure that all audio visual events go off without a hitch.  Our people are passionate and live and breath technology.

HAS Integrations' AV hire equipment includes:

  • Quality audio systems for meetings and events of all sizes.
  • LCD screens, touch screens, 3mm & 5mm LED walls, seamless video walls.
  • Digital signage displays.
  • Top of the range video projectors.
  • Event lighting.
  • Vision mixers, content switchers, HD cameras.
  •  4K Multi-screen seamless switcher
  • Event staging & draping.
  • Event rigging.
  • Computers and IT equipment.


Make yourself seen and heard

Would you like to emphasise your message with a presentation or film? Or make your speakers more visible on a screen? That is possible! We help you to look at whether it is better to use powerful projectors with projection screens, multi-screen projection or to opt for one or several LCD displays. Naturally, these can also be combined. Whatever the best choice may be, HAS Integration realises the best possible solution that will seamlessly suit your needs.

All products utilised by HAS Integration during events have been developed to meet the highest demands in the area of sound and audibility. 

Whether you have a meeting of 10 people or a gathering of 5,000 people, we have the right sound equipment for you. If you require or need this, the equipment can be complemented with (wireless) microphones, mixers, speakers, amplifiers and so forth. Our employees naturally make sure that all of the sound equipment works excellently together in the room and that the sound is perfect for every visitor.



professional lighting

Light is one of the biggest atmosphere creators of your event and with the right light effect you will undoubtedly steal the show. Whichever atmosphere you would like to create, HAS Integration has the right lighting for you. We deliver everything you require to light the keynote speaker or use light effects to direct everyone’s attention in the room to a new product. Naturally, we have the right regulation panels, dimmers, smoke machines and are able to realise special effects. Even “intelligent light” is possible.

In short, from simple light sets to large light shows, HAS Integration realises it for you, including professional assembly and operation.



camera registration with video control

You are bound to have seen them before: professional cameras mounted at strategic points around a conference room or symposium hall that enable everything happening on the podium or in the room to be displayed on large screens. This is ideal for gatherings in larger rooms or when the audience is spread across several rooms.

We supply these cameras together with the required tripods, podium management systems and switchers. In addition to renting individual cameras, we can also organise all of the video direction and editing aspects for you. Equipment in a special mobile control booth can be used to switch optimally between the images delivered by the different cameras and ensure perfect presentation of your event to your public.



Immortalise your event

In addition, you may want to have a mood video of your day produced that starts with the arrival of your guests and captures informal moments. Or to film quotes made by your guests which you can be shown in edited form in the auditorium at a later stage. The possibilities are endless and we like to contribute our ideas and expertise as well.

We can edit all of the recordings after the event to produce exactly the video you want. Whether you want a video of your event from minute to minute on Blu-ray, or a short compilation lasting 1.5 minutes as a promotional tool... We produce it for you.



Completely equipped video conference room

Hire out a complete multimedia meeting room from HAS Integration and benefit from a video and audio conference without investing in equipment.

All the additional requirements for optimal (international) meetings are present, such as the possibility of establishing a video connection, a data/video projector, a projection screen, dual flat panel display, document cameras, writing boards and connections for laptops. It is extremely affordable, for a half or full day, or even for a longer period! Our staff can even take care of the catering for you during this whole period.

For more information click the following link; Conference Room Rental.



 temporary video conference suite at your site

Aside from hiring out a complete room, it is also possible to set up a temporary video conference suite at your site. You hire all of the professional equipment for the required period and we take care of all connections and infrastructure. The solution will be delivered to you on site and will be ready to use and benefit from the many advantages of video conferencing. Once you are finished we will come back and remove all of the equipment. 



your event seen around the world 

Broadcast the images of your event on the internet (live or on-demand) and allow your employees and other guests who could not attend to log in and follow your meeting in detail from home or wherever they are. But the reverse is also possible. Your employees can witness an event or meeting from the other side of the world. Our Engineers will ensure that this streaming film is perfect and displayed in full size for all of your employees. This makes your employees more involved. Of course, HAS Integration ensures that your webcast is presented in your own web portal, which has been styled in accordance with your corporate identity.