galway Racecourse Live Event



We were very proud to have recently been given the opportunity to design and run a live event for a very popular event featuring the Galway Racecourse.

We approached this project with a great level of enthusiasm and a willingness to help and below, you’ll find a breakdown of what the task involved and the resources that we relied on to provide the world-class results that we offered.


Layout Design

The first thing that we did was to get to grips with the size and space of the room. We took the necessary measurements, found out the expected attendance and how many speakers would be on stage. After this initial step we could progress with the next stage.

Equipment Supply

We called upon our own resources to ensure that the equipment that we had available was suitable for this particular project.

Installation/ Commission

The next step was to set about installing the seating, drapes and all the relevant cabling needed for production. We decided to complement the colour scheme of the event by installing black and blue drapes. To ensure that the entire audience could enjoy the visuals at the front of the room we installed two HD projection screens, both of which could be controlled via the control panel at the communications desk. 

We set up a total of 12 speakers with stands to allow every word and sound to be heard by all within the room. In order to ensure complete audio clarity, we made full use of a variety of audio devices.

event Operation

Once all the equipment was ready to go, our team stayed on hand to ensure that all devices and facilities functioned as they were expected to do. To be sure that the event went off without a hitch, we installed a fully functional control panel to govern all content lights, media, voice and visuals. At certain points in the event, presenters took the stage to communicate to the audience and we felt that raised staging at the front of the room would be beneficial.

event Content Management 

We offered our guidance and support to the client, helping them to manage their content, media and audio activities. To avoid interference whilst allowing the presenter to get their message across, we installed 2 speakers at the front of the stage to great effect.

The event was live streamed to target a much larger audience. When doing any on-location live stream, the technology has to work right the first time, and therefore a great deal of planning and coordinating had to happen before the event. This planning included picking the correct location for cameras, lights, and speakers, as well as coordinating audio feeds and internet connectivity. Reliable internet connectivity is crucial for a live stream production because the onsite connection is how the video feed makes it to the streaming platform. In the week leading up to the event, our Engineers were on site arranging and testing the hardwired internet connection to make sure there would be no lapse in connectivity during the main event. 

We designed custom on-screen graphics for the live stream. A key graphic element was the pre-show loop – along with music – that would play once the stream went live while we waited for the speakers to get started.

On the night the event reached over 10,000 people through the live stream!

Uninstallation/Tidy Up

Once the event was over, our team set about disassembling the devices that we used throughout.

Event Recording

Our clients requested a recording of the event, so we did so throughout; before editing and finalising the full recording for their convenience.