Create a multi-functional Skype for Business environment

With Skype for Business, Microsoft offers a uniform communication and collaboration platform that connects people; wherever they are and whatever type of device they work with (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Skype for Business comprises an integrated client for availability information, instant messaging and speech and video conferences.

Skype for Business as an all-in-one communication platform

More and more organisations are discovering the convenience, the power and the benefits of Skype for Business as an all-in-one communication platform… HAS Integration has the knowledge and resources to realise a total solution around Skype for Business, in which technology, hardware, software, peripheral devices and infrastructure maximally contribute to knowledge sharing and collaboration between colleagues and/or partners. Regardless of where the participants are located and what device they use.

Connecting to your conference & meeting rooms

HAS Integration also offers the ability to get your Skype for Business clients in contact with the professional video communication systems of e.g. Polycom, Cisco and Starleaf, so Videoconferencing rooms are accessible to the Skype for Business user as well. Users can communicate globally through this multi-platform and face-to-face with colleagues, partners, clients and other contacts. In this way Skype for Business is really a cross-border platform for integrated collaboration.

Skype for Business accessories

In addition to these features, HAS Integration provides all the hardware required to link to Skype for Business, such as a desktop and conference phones, headsets, etc. The headsets and phones have slightly different features, but are all designed to improve your conference experience. One of the most important Skype accessories is a good quality headset. Our comfortable headsets ensure crystal clear audio.

Some benefits of a complete Skype for a Business environment:

  • You benefit more from your conference & collaboration solution. 
  • Always works and is always ready for use.
  • Improves team collaboration; also between desktop and meeting room.
  • Ensures professional video quality for Skype users.

Your partner for a multi-functional Skype for Business environment

HAS Integration is your partner to link your existing Skype for Business infrastructure to your existing or new infrastructure for videoconferencing. But we can also implement a new Skype for Business environment at your office. Our strength lies in the fact that we the have in-house knowledge to build a bridge between the Skype for Business platform and your meeting rooms with videoconferencing.

From now on you connect via Skype for Business remote at e.g. a meeting in the boardroom or an interactive brainstorm session in one of your workspaces. You’ve never had meetings and consultations this effective before.