Videoconference: cross-border communication

Communication via video. Five years ago it was virtually inconceivable, now it’s indispensable. Video communication is hot. For many people it is the new way of making phone calls. Setting up a video call is now no more difficult than making a phone call. And video communication offers more. Video communication isn’t just videoconferencing, it also includes online collaboration, unified communications and e-learning.

Videoconferencing intregration 

The modern videoconferencing equipment ensures that you can meet face-to-face with people on the other side of the town, the country and even the world without losing time and without travel and accommodation expenses. Actually, we don’t need to waste a lot of words to convince you of the benefits of videoconferencing. The facts speak for themselves. Numerous organisations, big and small, from education to healthcare, have already integrated videoconferencing into their processes.

videoconferencing from specially set-up rooms and from your own device

You can meet in a special videoconferencing room, but can also do so from behind your desk or via your tablet (e.g. iPad) or smartphone, in any case, all in your own environment! There is no need to travel. The quality of the current videoconferencing systems is so good that it is as if your caller is with you in the same room.

The benefits of videoconferencing:

  • Global, visual contact without files, without travelling, without overnight stays
  • Faster and more informed decision-making process with lower error rate
  • Easier to benefit from knowledge and skills in other locations
  • Improved communication with internal colleagues and at-home workers
  • Improved communication with clients and other external stakeholders
  • Accelerated product development and shorter time-to market
  • More efficient use of the available working hours; more billable hours
  • Substantial savings on travel and accommodation expenses and foreign communication costs
  • Direct contact with key stakeholders in a crisis or emergency situation
  • No risk of delays due to weather conditions, traffic, accident or theft
  • Easier to penetrate new markets; attractive for new stakeholders
  • Save the environment by reducing CO2 emissions through lower fuel consumption and less traffic congestion
  • Improved balance between work and private lives for employees
  • Employee satisfaction increases; increased loyalty and commitment
  • Improve corporate image through environmental consciousness (competitive advantage)

Videoconferencing is meeting and collaborating 2.0

You are reading it correctly… videoconferencing is the perfect alternative for everyone who attaches great importance to visual contact but who prefers to invest his or her time in productivity rather than in travelling. Videoconferencing is meeting and collaborating 2.0. Whether you are looking for a videoconferencing solution “on site” or in the cloud, you will get the most from technological advances.