what is webcasting?

Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet to be viewed by a remote audience. This technology operates in real-time and allows for active conversations among and between the webcaster and their viewers. Recent developments in technology have made this both an affordable and an effective tool for communication. Embracing webcasting as a marketing initiative for your company is beneficial in that it is a popular, new trend, allows for direct communication with your audience, and can portray to your customers that you are a subject matter expert.

benefits to webcasting

Webcasting is an extremely effective tool for enhancing and extending an events experience, building customer relations, boosting exposure, launching products and strengthening a brand. It’s a great option for many event types, in particular:

  • Conferences and exhibitions – why not consider video and testimonial interviews from event attendees, or live streaming of presentations?
  • Gala dinners & awards nights – a live webcast can increase exposure and drive a higher profile and on-demand webcasts can be used for post-event marketing.
  • AGM's – a live webcast can be useful for shareholders unable to attend the event.
  • Product launches – a live webcast for the release of new information is a great option and also works well for product demonstrations, tutorials and customer support.

popular uses for webcasts

There are a host of webcasting services online which will allow you to both view others’ webcasts and get into producing your own. Popular past uses for webcasting include educational webcast series and internal applications like training sessions and long distance meetings. In addition, many companies use webcasting to continue promoting good will with their customers. Webcasts can also be monetized through applications like product introductions and client interactions. 

Our webcasting solutions provide organisations with cost effective, high quality webcasting that helps you reach and engage a wider audience, measure the impact of your communications, and create a positive user experience. Operating in the realm of high-end production values and compelling content, HAS Integration offers clients the ability to promote their brand through an effective, interactive medium. 

HAS Integration offer affordable, professional and TV quality HD live video webcasting services. We provide professional webcasting production services in anywhere in Ireland. Our services include single camera webcasting up to multi-camera productions with full broadcast quality vision mixing with full HD recording. We use broadcast quality streaming technology to ensure an extremely high level of service. Our on-site live video streaming productions are suited for Annual General Meeting’s (AGM), Product Launches, Event Webcasting, Corporate & Community Events etc.